The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers

By | February 14, 2017

 The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers

Reeha Ismail Sayyad
Asst. Editor
Textile Merchandising
Assistant Professor
Kolhapur, India.



A merchandiser is responsible for almost everything in the apparel industry. It is a very crucial role to play in the fashion industry. The merchandiser has to perform various activities like design, creation, purchasing the raw material (trims and fabric), production execution, documentation for the whole procedure and final shipment to the desired destination. Merchandiser’s planning should involve in marketing the right merchandise or service at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price.


Merchandising derives from a word merchant who means the actual seller or retailer. Merchandising is considered as the soul of an industry. It comes from the word merchandise. Merchandise means commodities or goods to be bought and sold. Merchandiser is the interface between buyer and exporter .a merchandiser is responsible for order analysis to shipment. He also mediates marketing and production department.

Classification of Merchandiser:

In the apparel industry, merchandisers are classified in three ways. They are-

  1. Fashion Merchandiser
  2. Export Merchandiser
  3. Retail Merchandiser

    Classification of Merchandiser

1. Fashion Merchandiser:

In this challenging world, there are lots of changes taking place which also brings a change in the people’s style of living and also the fashion and garment industries, which are progressing day by day. Fashion is a reflection of culture which is constantly being redefined. Customer’s wants and needs are changing as a reflection of these challenges. The consumer determines the fashion of the times, and the fundamental consideration of merchandising is to create stock and sell what consumers are likely to accept. The fashion merchandisers have also classified three ways. They are-

  1. Marketing Merchandiser
  2. Planning Merchandiser

    Classification of Fashion Merchandiser

2. Export Merchandiser:

Export merchandising is commonly used within the trading industry and denotes all marketing and sales activities around the point of making a profit. Merchandising is a term used to signify articles to sell. Export merchandisers are directly related to retail merchandising and also the commercial department in garments. Export merchandiser is divided by the four ways. They are-

  1. Sample Merchandiser
  2. Production Merchandiser
  3. Sourcing Merchandiser
  4. Product Development Merchandiser

    Classification of Export Merchandiser

3. Retail Merchandiser:

Retail merchandising means to arrange all the required raw materials and to make the goods ready to sell them to end users. It is an activity of promoting the sale of goods at retail in-store level. This activity synonymous with activities right from sampling and execution of ideas to dispatch of the final finished merchandise. It is a job description that involves leading and working with different departments within the organization, suppliers, and buyers to deal with timely deadlines and accepted quality level. Retail merchandising other parts of visual merchandising.

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