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The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers

 The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers Reeha Ismail Sayyad Asst. Editor Textile Merchandising Assistant Professor CNCVCW SIBER, Kolhapur, India. E-mail: afsana.sayyad@gmail.com   Merchandiser: A merchandiser is responsible for almost everything in the apparel industry. It is a very crucial role to play in the fashion industry. The merchandiser has to perform various activities like design, creation, purchasing… Read More »

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

 Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser Reeha Ismail Sayyad Assistant Professor CNCVCW SIBER, Kolhapur, India. E-mail: afsana.sayyad@gmail.com   Fashion Merchandiser: Fashion design is not only career path in the fashion world. You often hear about fashion shows, which are hosted by producers and designers, but many neglect the fact that there are other fashion fields those… Read More »