Fabric Consumption for Knit Garments

By | February 28, 2016

Fabric Consumption for Knit Garments

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Fabric Consummation:

In a garment industry, profit or lose mostly depend on the total consummation of fabric in an order. Therefore, fabric consummation must be calculated properly before fabric cutting. There are two major methods to calculate the fabric consumption for a garment industry. They are namely-marker making method and mathematical method. Generally fabric consumption for a garment can be calculated through marker making either by manually or by using a machine with CAD facilities. By mathematical method different formulas are used to calculate the fabric consumption. Today I would like to discuss about Knit and woven fabric consummation in the garment industry.

Fabric Consummation for Knit Garments:

Following parameters are needed to be considered for fabric consumption in the garments industry-

  1. Fabric weight (GSM)
  2. Fabrics width
  3. Grin line orientation
  4. Length of the fabric roll
  5. Shrinkage of the fabric
  6. Type of the fabric
  7. Way marker used
  8. Size ratio break up
  9. Fabric losses while cutting

We all know that knit fabric and woven fabric consummation system are quite different. Knit fabric is calculated by fabric weight and woven fabric is calculated by fabric length and weight direction. Therefore, the formula of fabric consummation is also different for both fabrics.

Basic formula of knit fabric consumption is


  • We will find body length, sleeve length and chest length from basic garment sample.
  • Allowance is added for body hem, shoulder joint, sleeve hem, armhole joint and both side seam joints.
  • GSM mean grams per square meter which value will be confirmed by the buyer or fabric manufacturer.
  • 12 is added for getting the result as a dozen which is calculated of 1 dozen (PCs) garments.
  • Fabric wastage is varied according to the order quantity and order design. Normally this allowance variation is 5 to 15% of total order.
  • 10000000 is divided for converting the total result of the fabric into kg.

Example of Knit Fabric Consumption:

Suppose, buyer provided a basic knit T shirt order sheet to the garments manufacturer. Fabric GSM is 150 and there mention, order must be 100% cotton single jersey. Now, I will give an order sheet measurement demo for knit fabric consumption. Hope that, it will be easy for understanding in the following-

 Now, we will calculate a basic knit T shirt consumption according to the buyer order sheet. Suppose, allowance is 10, wastage of fabric is 10 % and we also calculate consumption with the medium size(M) of order. Now apply those values into the basic formula of knit fabric consumption.

Above the formula we know that,

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