Difference between Garments Inspection and Garments Testing

By | February 23, 2016

Difference between Garments Inspection and Garments Testing  

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Garments inspection and testing are the important parts of the garments quality control department. Both are essential for smooth and regular execution of an order. Sometimes we make a confused between garments inspection and testing. Now I would like to a brief discuss about these important topics.

Garments Inspection:

Basically inspection is a review process to confirm the proper to set standards. In garments, this inspection can be defined as visual examination or review of material. There are three steps of inspection in garments. They are raw material inspection, online inspection and final inspection. Raw material inspection is known as fabric inspection in garments.

Fabric inspection in garments

Garments Testing:

Testing is the quality standard of the garments manufacturing process. Now-a-days buyers are mentioning different types of essential garments test with the order sheet. Garments testing is done by smearing some measurable material by a specific standard. There are different testing lab in the garments testing process, but mostly known and buyers approved testing labs are SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, TÜV SÜD, Consumer Testing Laboratories etc.

Rubbing Fastness Test in Garments

Difference between Garments Inspection and Garments Testing:

Different between garments inspection and garments testing are given below-

Inspection can be defined as visual examination or review of material.
It is the process of evaluation the quality of goods by specific standard.
Based on
Garments inspection should be based on a specific specification for specific products such as size measurement for
a specific shirt.
Garments testing should be based on some standard test method to compare the result.
In garments inspection is a continuous process.
In garments testing is not a continuous process.
Follow a few common rules of standard for garments inspection.
Here follow hard and fast rules of standard for garments
Number of errors
In this process number of errors is higher than garments texting.
In this process number of errors is lower than garments inspection.
Size of sample
This is done by randomly process therefore, no need specific size of sample for garments inspection.
Here, specific size of sample is needed for garments testing.
Time required
Inspection is a time saving process
therefore, lower time required for garments inspection process.
This is time consuming process therefore, higher time required
for garments texting process.
Raw material inspection, In process inspection, final inspection are
the examples of garments inspection.
ISO, BIS, ASTM, BSTI are the example of garments testing.

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