Methods for Garments Measurement

By | November 11, 2015

Methods for Garments Measurement 

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ)



The method of garment measurement has been designed to show how and where to measure a wide variety of different measurement points on finishing garments across all product areas. It should be used when creating or reviewing size specifications and measuring garments. Each measurement point has a written description and a diagram to help explain the method of measurement. In order to make using this process more efficient and effective, it has been broken down into sections and every point of measure has been given a unique code. Now I would like to discuss about the method of garment measurement.

Method of Garments Measurement:

Before garments measurement we should must understand the selection of garments and coding system. The method of garments measurement has been broken down into 4 sections. They are as follows

1. GEN– General

2. LUS -Lingerie, Underwear and Swimwear

3. ACCAccessories

4. SAH -Socks and Hosiery

The 3 letter abbreviation identifies each of the sections. Within each of the sections, the points of measure have been broken down into subcategories and each of these has been given a letter code.

1. GEN- General:

A  Body Lengths

B  Necks/Collars

C  Hoods

D  Shoulder/Bust/Chest

E  Cups/Bridge

F  Under band/Wings

G  Armhole/Strap/Sleeve

H  Waist

I  Hip

J  Hem/Sweep

K  Gusset/Crotch

L  Rise/Leg Widths

M  Yokes

N  Zipper/Fly/Placket

O  Pockets/Pocket Position

P  Darts/Vents/Pleats

Q  Miscellaneous

GEN- General

In addition, each individual point of measure has been given a number. The combination of the sub-category code, the point of measure number and the section code gives each point of measure a unique reference code. An example Within the General guide (GEN), the sub category for Body Length is A. Center Front Length-C/F neck to waist at hem is a point of measure that can be found in the General guide under Body Lengths.

2. LUS- Lingerie, Underwear and Swimwear:

A  Body lengths

B  Necks/collars

D  Shoulder/bust/chest

E  Cups/bridge

F  Under band/wings

G  Armhole/strap/sleeve

H  Waist

I  Hip

K  Gusset/crotch

L  Rise/leg widths

N  Zipper/fly/placket

LUS -Lingerie, Underwear and Swimwear

3. ACC- Accessories:

R  Hats/Headwear

S  Gloves/Mittens

T  Bags/Wallets

U  Scarves

V  Belts

ACC -Accessories

4. SAH- Socks and Hosiery:

W  Socks

X  Hosiery

SAH -Socks and Hosiery


These guidelines follow the four sections and give full references for all of the associated points of measure in the form of code, Diagram (like as above example of GEN- General). Therefore, anyone get full description about how to take this measurement – from which point to which point – and any special instructions which need to make it exact.

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