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The Tasks of Apparel Merchandiser

The Tasks of Apparel Merchandiser   Noor Ahmed Raaz B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU) Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology Email: raju.uttara105@gmail.com   Merchandiser:  A merchandiser is known as a key individual who is normally worried in business advancement by purchasing and offering of products. The… Read More »

The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers

 The Classification of Apparel Merchandisers Reeha Ismail Sayyad Asst. Editor Textile Merchandising Assistant Professor CNCVCW SIBER, Kolhapur, India. E-mail: afsana.sayyad@gmail.com   Merchandiser: A merchandiser is responsible for almost everything in the apparel industry. It is a very crucial role to play in the fashion industry. The merchandiser has to perform various activities like design, creation, purchasing… Read More »