Why Apparel Merchandising should be Your Dream Career

By | April 11, 2016

Why Apparel Merchandising should be Your Dream Career 

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Apparel Merchandising:

In early days Bangladesh was famous for its agriculture industry. But day by day its Ready Made Garments(RMG) industry is becoming popular and currently Bangladesh has made a position in the world market. Currently it is the second largest apparel exporter country in the world after China and obviously it holds the top position in South Asia. The garment industry of the country has given employment opportunity to many people. About four million people are working in this sector. The value of the country’s industry is $19 billion a year. This is the very growing and emerging industry today for the country. In Bangladesh there are various kinds of profession like doctor, engineer, banker, service holder for both public and private. Like those profession apparel or textile merchandising is a kind of profession where hard-working, dynamic, skillful people are working. In garment industry, buying house plays a great role as they connect the buyer and the producer. Personally I like this profession as I want to focus my career based on garments industry.

10 Reasons Why Apparel Merchandising should be Your Dream Career:

In Bangladesh, there are almost 6000 garments and 2,000-2,500 buying houses are available. Merchandising is a very skillful job as he/she has to convince a buyer to place an order and have to be conscious of the delivery of the order according to the given standard. This is not a very easy task to convince a foreign buyer. For this, a merchandiser needs to be hard-working, skillful, co-operative, and communicative and so on. So in this sense, I can say that it is not an easy profession, whereas it’s a challenging profession. Though it’s challenging, one can build a better career in this profession which depends on his ability to adjust to the environment.

Merchandising a dream job

The 10 reasons why textile merchandising could be my dream career are given below:

1. Easy Entry:

It is very much easy to enter as a merchandiser rather than other jobs. It’s because in this sector competition is not so high compared to another sector.

2. Financial Stability:

A merchandiser is financially stable. One can earn much money through this profession. By showing good performance, one can earn much remuneration within a few days.

3. Much Secure Job:

Merchandising is the much more secure job than other jobs. In case of other kinds of jobs, if performance is not matched with given standards than there is a big chance of losing the job. But in case of merchandising this chance is less.

4. Established Sector:

In Bangladesh, garments sector is established and many garments and buying houses are forming. As textile merchandising is based on garments, so this profession has a better future.

5. Long-Term Career:

A merchandiser’s career is long term. One can take his/her career in a long way by becoming updated, gathering new kind of knowledge and technologies.

6. Second Basic Needs:

Apparel or garments products are the second basic needs of people after food. So it can be said that the demand of it will be continuously increasing. There is a very big scope of this sector.

7. Honorable Job:

Merchandising is a very much honorable job like other jobs. A merchandiser is honored by the society as garments industry is rapidly growing and people come to know more about it.

An honorable and respectful job

8. Showing of Creativity and Innovation:

A merchandiser can show his/ her creativity or innovativeness. There are various kinds of approach and techniques used in merchandising. A merchandiser can use his/her thoughts, creativity in his/her profession.

9. Can Learn the Business:

A merchandiser can learn about the garments and its accessories business by working on it. So, a merchandiser can start his own business from his learning during his job life.

10. Learn New Things:

A merchandiser has to be updated about new fashion, trends etc. around the world. For which he/she have to gather information, which helps him/her to learn new things.


So, those are the 10 reasons for which textile merchandising could be a dream career. Merchandising is a kind of profession where one should be dedicated, hard worker, co-operative, good learner, dynamic. And those qualities can make a person a good merchandiser. This profession can give a person many things only if he/she can love this profession from deep of heart.

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