Qualities of a Good Textile Merchandiser

By | September 19, 2015

Qualities of a Good Textile Merchandiser

 Noor Ahmed Raaz
B. Sc in Textile Engineer (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
Merchandiser, A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ)
Email: raju.uttara105@gmail.com



A merchandiser plays double roles in the apparel industry. Acts as a seller to the buyer, on other hands play a buyer role to the manufacturer. So the person who include in buying and selling goods is called as a merchandiser. All the procedures of an apparel industry, a merchandiser is directly or indirectly involves. For this reason merchandising department is very important department in the apparel industry. For smooth order execution, a merchandiser must have some essential qualities.

Qualities of a good merchandiser are mentioned below:

  1. Textile knowledge
  2. Language skill
  3. Negotiation
  4. Computer skill
  5. Consumption
  6. Costing
  7. Planning
  8. Team work
  9. Smartness
  10. Present Market Prices

    Qualities of good merchandiser


1. Textile knowledge:

A good textile merchandiser should have required outstanding textile knowledge. This is very important for order execution in an apparel industry. Textile knowledge helps a textile or apparel merchandiser in every step of order procurement. So, textile knowledge is very important for a good merchandiser. A textile merchandiser should knowledge about fiber, yarn, fabric, dyeing, finishing, garments production, accessories etc.

2. Language skill:

Language is the major way of communication with another person. This communication is very essential for merchandising activities. A merchandiser should have excellent communication in English. She/he should have sound skill in English, both written and spoken.

3. Negotiation:

Negotiation skill is one of the most important skills for a merchandiser. A merchandiser should know how to negotiation with the buyer and seller. The garments merchandisers are mainly negotiated about the order costing with the buyer.

4. Computer Skill:

A merchandiser should have enough knowledge about computer operation specially, basic knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel. The Computer makes easier to do work such as costing, consumption, time and action plan, etc. By the help of  a computer, a merchandiser can easily store any kind of order data which helps for future record.

5. Consumption:

Knowledge about consumption is the most essential skill for a merchandiser. To be a good merchandiser, he/she should have clear knowledge about consumption of  a different order of the buyer. Otherwise, this issue will create problem to submit the order at lead time. To be a skilled merchandiser, one should have the excellent knowledge about Consumption.

6. Costing:

Proper costing of an export order is a very important factor for a good merchandiser. Accurate costing can make an order profitable. To find out costing a merchandiser need to calculate a few numbers of measurements and consumption of order.

7. Planning:

Planning is another important key factor for a skill merchandiser. A right planning of an order process can help to find out future profit or lose. Therefore, merchandisers always try to make a smooth planning for an export order execution.

8. Team work:

Actually merchandising profession is a team work. In a merchandising department, people work as a team. This is very important for the execution of an export order which improve order productivity. Team work also improved the professional relationship of a merchandiser.

9. Smartness:

A good merchandiser should be smart. He/she is an all-rounder person in textile sector. In normal sense, smartness means a person is external expression. But in the context of textile sector merchandiser’s smartness is dependent on his work.

10. Present Market Prices:

A good merchandiser should have knowledge about the present market price of textile fabrics and accessories. Market prices depend on market price analysis, sourcing, link up with manufacture, etc. A merchandiser’s smart knowledge of market price can reduce the cost of the order. So, the knowledge about the present market price is very essential for a good merchandiser.


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