Different Sewing Needle Point in Garments

By | March 8, 2016

Different Sewing Needle Point in Garments

Noor Ahmed Raaz
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Sewing Needle:

The main working element of a sewing machine is the needle or needles.  A needle has different parts to perform different purposes during the operation of sewing in the sewing section of garments. The different parts of an idea needle is such as Butt, Shank, Shoulder, Blade, Long groove(s), Short groove, Eye, Scarf (Clearance), Point, Tip, and others. Today my article topic is sewing needles and needle point.

Types of Sewing Needle Point in Garments:

In Apparel industry sewing needle point is varied according to the garments, fabrics, accessories, and design. Different types of needle point are used for the different sewing purpose on the sewing floor. Generally there are two types of needle point used in garments. They are as follows-

  1. Cutting Point Needles
  2. Cloth Point or Round Point Needles

    Different Parts of Needle

1. Cutting Point Needles:

  • Normally cutting point needles are used for sewing of sheet type materials like plastic, leather or other materials.
  • Because, in these materials there is no gap within the structure. So the needle point must prepare sufficient hole in the material so that the needle blade and thread can pass through it without excessive friction.
  • Mainly cutting points are divided into three types-

a. Wedge Point

b. Cross Point

c. Twist Point

Cutting Point Needles

2. Cloth Point or Round Point Needles:

  • The pointed needles which are used for sewing fabrics are called cloth point or round point needles.
  • The point of needle should be round in shape but the shape of tip depends on the fabrics like woven or knitted fabrics as required.
  • According to the fabrics cloth point needles are divided into two types-

A. Set point Needle

B. Ball Point Needle

A. Set Point Needle:

  • Generally set pointed needles are used for sewing woven fabrics.
  • There is a less possibility of fabric damage with set point needle in woven fabric instead of knitted fabric.
  • Set point needles are mainly three types-

1. Slim set point needle: Used for sewing densely woven fabric or top stitching like collar, cuff and pockets.

2. Medium set point needle: Most of the fabric can be sewn by this type of needle and knitted fabric can also be sewn.

3. Heavy set point needle: Used for sewing buttons.

Set Point Needle

B. Ball Point Needle:

Generally ball point needles are used for sewing knitted fabrics. Because:-“The threads in the knitted fabrics are bounded in loop form. If any thread of loop is drawn-off due to any reason, then the whole structure of the fabric starts to be opened out. For this reason the point of needle should be as to prevent the opening of structure of knitted fabrics. As a result ball point needles are used for sewing this kind of fabrics”.

Generally three types of ball point needles are used. They are as follows-

  1. Light ball point needle.
  2. Medium ball point needle.
  3. Heavy ball point needle. (Widely used for finer needles)

    Ball Point Needle

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