How to Calculate Standard Minute Value (SMV) in Garments Industry

By | October 19, 2015

 How to Calculate Standard Minute Value (SMV)  in Garments Industry

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology

Standard Minute Value:

SMV is defined as the time which is allowed to perform a job satisfactorily. Normally it is expressed in minute value. The full elaboration of SMV is Standard Minute Value. SMV term is broadly used in the garments manufacturing industry. SMV is also known as Standard Allocated Minute (SAM). For smooth and timely shipment an export order a merchandiser need to proper SMV set up in garments production floor.

SMV Calculation in Garments Industry:

In garments industry, SMV calculation differ accounting to the number of operations, seams length, types of fabric, number of workers, machine efficacy etc.

General formula of SMV is given below-

SMV= Basic time + Allowance


Basic time= Observed time X Rating/ 100

Allowance= Relaxation allowance + Contingency allowance + Machine Delay Allowance.

Rating= the pace or speed of operation at which the operator is performing the job.

Standard Minute Value

Observed time can be found by the time necessary to complete an operation. This observed time calculated by stop watch. Ratting is an evaluation of efficiency. This ratting is done by the operator who is performing the job. It can be measured by an observer who experienced in specific job which is being observed.

SMV of Different Garments:

Standard Minute Value (SMV) of different basic garments are given below-

S/L Garments SMV
1 Full sleeve shirt(woven fabric) 16-20′
2 Jeans pant 12-15′
3 Athletic knit shirt 2-3′
4 Women’s shelf campy 4-5′
5 U-neck T-shirt(Knit fabric) 4-5′
6 women’s panty 3-4′
7 Men’s polo shirt(woven fabric) 12-15′
8 Men’s brief 2-3′

Factors of Standard Minute Value in garments :

Standard Minute Value of garments depends upon a good number of factors. They are as following-

  • Type of garments
  • Types of fabrics
  • Garments size
  • Garments design
  • Difficulty of the processes
  • Types of machine
  • Types of technology

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