Time Study in Garments

By | October 16, 2015

 Introduction of Time Study  

Noor Ahmed Raaz
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Time study:

Time study measures the maximum necessary time required to do the job. It is the most important technique of work measurement. It can be defined as “Time study is the technique for determining as accurately” as possible from a limited number of observations. The time study necessary to carry out a given activity at a defined level of performance.

Objects of Time Study:

  1. To determined stander time during which the operation can be performed efficiently.
  2. To determined scheduling and planning.
  3. To calculate fair production per hours.
  4. Help to the motion study of the job.
  5. The standard time data is used in time. So a fair entire wage plane can be established.
  6. To achieve a uniform flow of work.

Element used in the Time Study:

Stop watch: Stop watch is the element which used in time study. Two types of works can be used. There are-

Element used in time study

  1. Fly back
  2. Continuous

This watch can be used in any of the following time scales-

  • Seconds
  • Decimal minutes
  • Decimal hours

Others: Expect stop watch, following tools may also be used

  • Time study board
  • Time study form
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Speech from the writer:

If you read this article with full concentration, then you can easily answer the following questions-

  1. Element used in the Time Study
  2. Importance of Time
  3. Objects of Time Study
  4. What is Time Study?
  5. Application of time study in garments
  6. Relation between time study and Industry Engineering

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