Different Types of Denim Wash

By | December 2, 2016

Different Types of Denim Wash 

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Denim Wash:

Now-a-days denim wash is much popular both dry and wet washing process. According to the fashion and appearance, there include new washing process and technology such as 3D or laser techniques. In denim washing is done to produce effects like color fading with or without patchiness, crinkles, seam puckering, hairiness, Pilling softened-hand feel, stabilized dimension etc. Most of the denim wash effect vintage look. Now I want to describe briefly denim washing types with flow chart.

Process Flowchart of Denim Washing:

Process flowchart of denim washing are given below-

Garment Received from Finishing

Garments Dry 

Garments wet process

 loading garments for washing

De size gament

Enzyme wash

Extracting for extrat water removing 

garments Drying

Potassium Permanganate Spray




Washing Quality Control 

Next Process

Types of Denim Wash:

Different types of denim wash are as follows-

  1. Rinse Wash
  2. Enzyme wash
  3. Stone wash
  4. Caustic wash
  5. Acid wash
  6. Random bleach wash
  7. Ice-or Snow was
  8. Tinting
  9. Net bleach
  10. Resin wash
  11. Milk wash
  12. Cold Pigment wash

Random Bleach Wash for Denim:

Here we try to show a common use wash in garments industry which is random bleach wash. The recipe and process sequence of R.B wash is as follows-

Random Bleach Wash Effect (Fornt Side)

Random Bleach Wash Effect (Back Side)


  1. TA – Super ⇒ 100 gm

          DP-7         ⇒ 50 gm

          Stone       ⇒ 5 Kg

  1. Bleach:

           K.C.I bleach  ⇒100 gm

  1. Neutral:

           Metal            ⇒200 gm

  1. Random Process:

          Potassium Per manganite ⇒ 30 gm

         Water                                   ⇒ 2 Liter

         Fome                                    ⇒ 100 Pcs

  1. Note:

          Garment should be turn-inside.

  1. Neutral:

          Meta                                     ⇒ 500 gm

  1. P Spray:

          Potassium per manganite ⇒ 1.15 gm


          Meta               ⇒100 gm

          Wash             ⇒ H/C

  1. Clean:

          Caustic               ⇒ 300 gm

          Dp-7                 ⇒ 100 gm

          Blue Brightener ⇒ 50 gm

  1. Softener ⇒ 100 gm

          Silicon                ⇒ 100 gm

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