Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

By | November 17, 2016

 Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser

Reeha Ismail Sayyad
Assistant Professor
Kolhapur, India.
E-mail: afsana.sayyad@gmail.com


Fashion Merchandiser:

Fashion design is not only career path in the fashion world. You often hear about fashion shows, which are hosted by producers and designers, but many neglect the fact that there are other fashion fields those are many sophisticated and exciting career paths as well.

One of the fashion fields of the fashion world is “fashion merchandising”. It has an exciting career path. Fashion merchandising is a combine fashion sense and business expertise. It is nothing but the promotion of apparel sales. It involves all of the activities necessary to deliver the clothing to potential customers. Another part of fashion is “merchandising”, which relates to every fashion field.

Merchandising refers to the necessary preparation to the execution of an order.it also refers to the necessary planning that must be completed in order to ensure that the merchandise (product/ service) is accessible at the right place with right quantity at the right time and appealing to the customers.

Fashion merchandising:

 “Fashion merchandising is known as staying ahead of fashion curve is a feat involving both art and commerce”.

Fashion merchandising is a broad industry.It is all about the business side of fashion, which involves developing products, campaigns, displays, shows, directing, manufacturing, and marketing as well as creating sales strategies for the fashion industry or the retail environment. Strategy and marketing experience are an integral part of fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising relative to planning, development, sourcing, and communication of fashion products in the global environment.

Fashion Merchandising

Fashion merchandising is a diver’s field of fashion. Fashion merchandiser should understand the merchandising process and for merchandising majors to understand design in order for them to work together successfully in a company to develop lines that will be successful at retail. Fashion merchandiser has to strategic and execute a complex business plan targeted to specific customer and forecast future trends and the translate them into a profitable business plan for a specific company.

Flow Chart of Fashion Merchandising:

Flow chart of fashion merchandising is given below- 

Flow chart of Fashion Merchandising

Qualities of a Fashion Merchandiser:

To become a good fashion merchandiser you should have few qualities. Now let’s talk about few qualities as follows-

1. The key to be great fashion merchandise is to promote and obtain the goods that are going to be sold to customers.

2. Understand sense of style and trends

3. Good understanding of targeted customers’ taste.

4. Forecasting ability for future trends.

5. Effective public speaking.

6. Critical thinking ability.

7. Critical reasoning skills.

8. Good understanding of colors, patterns in fabrics and the psychology of behavior of consumers.

9. Researching ability about what influences people.

10. Good team player.

11. Leadership skills.

12. Creative and visual player with big picture ideas.

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