The Tasks of Apparel Merchandiser

By | August 17, 2017

The Tasks of Apparel Merchandiser  

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


A merchandiser is known as a key individual who is normally worried in business advancement by purchasing and offering of products. The merchandiser more often than works with all divisions in an organization such as administration, outline, securing, and generation, deals and elevating to affirm the completed item is executed effectively and on time.  A merchandiser should need to know many terms and definitions to proceed with his appoint work easily. They have to solid arrangement and relational abilities with visual and logical capacities. He or she have to to take after 4 R’s (Right Quantity, Right Quality, Right Cost and Right Time) entirely in the event that they wish to execute their allot work impeccably. Merchandising activities may show systems, valuing, free specimens, advertise examination, rack talkers, on spot exhibition, exceptional offers, customers input and other purpose of-offer techniques.

Importance of Apparel Merchandising:

Apparel merchandisers are playing an important role for order execution. The word merchandising has turned out to be exceptionally well known in new generation. What’s more, the occupation of merchandisers has likewise taken an extremely prevalent measurement in the apparel industry. The idea of merchandising and marketing has, to some degree rose up out of the front of the expression merchandising. Merchandising division is the vital place for organizing the advancement of stock, its outline.

Samples in wear-house

Samples in wear-house

Tasks of Apparel Merchandiser:

The following tasks should be ensure before starting an order to the merchandising workplace-

  1. Routine work of fashion trend and fashion forecasts in association with the help of fashion designer.
  2. Making an allowance for potential target buyer.
  3. Sourcing buyer profile and all about their business information.
  4. Sourcing product information such as product categories, styles, specifications, assortments, size details, etc.
  5. Sourcing local and foreign buyers for new order execution.
  6. Negotiating orders price with buyers.
  7. According to the order quality, sourcing fabrics, trims and accessories.
  8. Regular follow-up the order after placing order in production.
  9. Balancing the total the price rate according to the fabrics, trims and accessories price rate.
  10. Collecting the samples for further inquires.
  11. Follow-up the total sampling procedure as per buyer requirement.

    Sewing section in an Apparel Industry

    Sewing section in an Apparel Industry

  12. Receiving sample approval from buyer.
  13. Scheduling total planning of production & shipment.
  14. Maintaining track of raw-material arrival, production cycle, and final inspections.
  15. Monitoring total production & product quality
  16. Making regular liaison with the customer and keeping him updated on order & production status
  17. Follow-up buyer instructions in respect of packing and packaging.
  18. Organize product delivery on time to the buyer.
  19. Organize export order payment within lead time.
  20. Rapid response follow-up in respect of the buyer’s query.
  21. Execution the total order within lead time.

Above all discussion, we can say, there are lots of work to do a merchandiser in an apparel industry. Basically, the main tasks of an apparel merchandiser are follow-up all the order execution. Merchandisers must manage and follow-up with each and every development and keep an eye on all the processes in product execution.

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