30 Tips for a Good Merchandiser

By | February 3, 2017

30 Tips How to become a Good Merchandiser 

Reeha Ismail Sayyad
Asst. Editor
Textile Merchandising
Assistant Professor
Kolhapur, India.
E-mail: afsana.sayyad@gmail.com



The role of Merchandiser is very demanding and varies from stages of the fashion industry like production, buying house, retail and sells and visual merchandiser. The work of merchandiser dynamically changes from industry to industry. The job profile of any merchandiser is also changing with the growth of apparel or fashion industry so that, the skills for a good merchandiser /merchandising changes drastically with respect to the form of merchandiser and stages of the garment/fashion industry.

Quality Requirement of a Good Merchandiser:

The Skills Requirement of a Good Merchandiser is summarized as Follows-

  1. Find out current trends in the market.
  2. Do forecasting of upcoming fashion trends (to develop the new style as per the season or as per the buyer’s demand).
  3. Product development (Sampling).
  4. Develop new product line for a new season.
  5. Finalize technical parameters like fabric and trim details.
  6. Prepare line plan for production (line balancing program).
  7. Maintain communication with buying house and suppliers.
  8. Do coordinate with concern people in the industry and with vendors as well.
  9. Prepare purchase orders.
  10. Do maintain time and action calendar (TNA).

    Time and Action Plan (TNA)

  11. Do costing (calculating consumption and cost of a merchandise).
  12. Give policy guidelines to the buyer.
  13. Produce current sales figure.
  14. Produce sales history records.
  15. Maintain merchandising files (checklist, master L/C, tech-pack, purchase order, approved trim card, inventory reports etc.).
  16. Determine a strategy with the merchandise manager/ production manager.
  17. Raise purchase order (PO) to match range plan from buyers.
  18. Planning and financial control.
  19. Negotiate cost prices with buyers and with vendors as well.
  20. Get approval for all type of samples.
  21. Advice and assist all departments.
  22. Priority to the acceptable quality product.
  23. Take responsibility for inspections.
  24. Organize shipment.
  25. Maintain six rights of merchandising
  • Right Price,
  • Right Product,
  • Right Quality,
  • Right Quantity,
  • Right Place,
  • Right Code of Conduct.

    Sample Checking

26. Work closely with buyers and sellers.

27. Take responsibility for promotion, display arrangement, and stock levels.

28. Provide appropriate services to buyers and to all consumers.

29. Analyzing consumer buying patterns.

30. Maintaining relationships with existing buyers/suppliers and customers as well while seeking new ones.

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