Flow Chart of Garments Production

By | September 27, 2016

Flow Chart of Garments Production

Krishna Kumar Murari
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W.B, India
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Garments Production:

The making of garments products from fabrics through the process design, cutting and sewing are called garments productions. In the apparel industry, production is including few activate such as order receiving, sampling, cutting, sewing, washing, finishing, packing, etc. For handling an export order, need to smooth operation of every step of the production process. Faulty activities of the production process can be hazarded garment production flow chart. So, let’s talk about an ideal garment production flow chart.

Production Process in Apparel Industry:

A garment industry has different department. But mainly four departments are play important role for execution an order. They are-

1. Sample Department

2. Cutting Department

3. Sewing Department

4. Finishing Department

Here,given a general idea about export garments production process flow chart. 

Flow Chart of Garments Production

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