Garments Packing List Sample

By | September 16, 2016

Garments Packing List Sample  

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ)


Packing List:

Garments packing list are one of the most important issues for the export of our garment product where as packing list can represent the different vital issue like shipment, transportation, foreign & local buyer, product items, size, etc. Garments packing process is the part of finishing section which is the last section of garments manufacturing process. Normally this process is coordinated by garment merchandiser. Therefore, a good merchandiser should have proper knowledge about packing list. Today I would like to discuss about this topic with the help of my working experience.

Importance of Garments Packing List:

In apparel industry we know that, before the preparation of garments goods for shipment, we should need to arrange a detailed export packing list. This list is necessary for executing an export order. Because if you any mistake of any term & condition order may be cancel. Ultimately our product cannot be arrived right time as well as right destination. As a result we will loss huge foreign currency as well as better opportunity from the foreign Market.  The packing list is intended to let transport agencies, government authorities, and customers know the contents of the package. So, it is important document for any export.

A Garments Warehouse

Format of Packing List in Apparel Industry:

Suppose In exports, distance between exporter & importer is very far. The cargo is thousands of miles away from its origin. If the cargo is less container load, chances are there to transship your cargo from different locations. So many times, the goods will be moved like to unload at the port, loading into container, moving to on board in to the ship, unloading to transshipment point, etc. If poor packing of goods, there are chances of damage which is harmful to order & reputation also. So we should care for the packing list perspective of export order. Otherwise, our foreign income will be threatened in the near future. As given here below an export order packing list sample.

Format of Packing List

Above the packing list we can easily understand the process of packing list with the help of garments, color, size, order quantity, cartoon space, container space.

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