5 Tips to Get Export Order form Buyers

By | December 19, 2016

 5 Tips to Get Export Order form Buyers

Priya Mishra
B.F Tech (NIFT)
Laguna Clothing Pvt. Ltd.
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.
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Garments Export Order:

Any manufacturing business even our own garment manufacturing industry thrives on export orders to survive. Getting an export order is the major task for any garment manufacturing facility. But the thing is what are the strategies or what are the factors one should focus on to get those orders. Now I would like to discuss five guidelines to get export order from buyers.

How to Get Export Order from the Buyers:

Here given top five tips to get an export order from foreign buyers. Which are as follows-

1. Product Advertisement:

First and foremost the most powerful tools to advertise any product or entity in today’s digital world are Internet. To boost the reliability of manufacturing unit one should display the manufacturing processes, products and keep updating about their processes in order to get the caliber of your business identified in international market. Many of the buyers search for suppliers to manufacture their products online and updating them time to time give the buyers access to look for what they actually want.

Product advertisement by online

2. Arrange Fashion Show or Trade Show:

Trade shows or fashion show has become a common trend now days in which different suppliers participate and showcase their latest product and services. They have become a popular medium for customers or buyers to identify the potential supplier they are looking for. These shows also benefit the supplier to study the current market trends and scenario and to improve better in future in order to attract potential customers.

A Fashion Show

3. Regular Make Contact with Buyers:

Most of the suppliers also send samples to buyer time to time after studying the mood boards or market trends generated by the designers of buyer’s side. The samples if meets buyers requirement of design and quality can turn into huge order quantity. Manufacturing facility should be very careful and precise while making and sending of sample as they are the very foundation on which order is placed to suppliers.

4. Set Up Strong Marketing Team:

The established names in garment industry also have a very strong marketing team which keeps visiting the probable customers in order to find their requirements and requisites. They also woo the customers by displaying the products and quality they can offer in their products. They create different contacts with agents and buyers to attract more orders in pipeline.

A Team Work

5. High Quality Networking with Buyers:

In industry like ours with lot of uncertainties networking is the key .The better the product quality and lesser the lead time is the ultimate strategies to make strong customer base. With sudden changes in fashion and running demands the supplier who are ready to take challenges to manufacture better and fast are growing and establishing their names in foreign markets with a fast pace.

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