Knit Merchandising Process in Apparel Industry

By | January 2, 2017

 Knit Merchandising Process in Apparel Industry

Sanjeev Tiwari Sonu
Sr. Merchandiser
New Fashion Pvt. Ltd.
B-tech from U.P.T.U. University
Lucknow, UP, India.


Knitting Technology:

Knitting is the most common word in apparel industry which is mostly related to export industries. The manufacturing process of knit garments is easier then woven garments.  A garment industry, mainly work on two types of fabrics one is woven fabric second is knitted fabric. There also two types of machines where knitted fabric is manufactured. They are as follows-

  1. Flats knitted machine
  2. Circular knitted machine.

Knit Merchandising:

Knit merchandising is a process which is directly relates to core merchandising process. In garment industry person who follow the garment manufacturing process is called merchandiser and the process where the order confirmation till order execution in apparel industries is called merchandising.

Circular Knitting Machine

Knitting industry basically depends on knit merchandising and it is brain of the apparel industry. Once the garment manufacturing process is starting on knitting machine firstly a merchandiser hand over knitting programs to master which kind of garment we need for our buyer, because without instruction of merchandiser master could not start knitting the garment. If knitting master has any doubt about knitting then they came and take the solution of his concern. After knitting garment have another process like washing, pressing, cutting, linking, stitching, buttoning, embroidery, printing, making, trimming, finishing and packing. For each and every step merchandiser, have a proper knowledge about how these steps apply on garment and if merchandiser has any doubt then they take the approval with buyer and provide go ahead to related department under manufacturing process. These all step happened to knits industries, so this known knit merchandising.

Before providing knit merchandising process above is the basic knowledge of garment manufacturing is should needed.

Flow Chart of Knit Merchandising:

As above already written that order confirmation to order execution under this there are multi step these step going through a garment merchandiser and this process is known as knit merchandising.

Below is flow chart of knit merchandising-



Order confirmation 


Lab dip approval 

Yarn order 

Trims approval 

Trims order

Pre production meeting

pp samples approval

Garment Testing 

Knitting approval



Shipment sample approval(gold seal)



Final inspection 

Goods dispatched


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