Difference between Woven Fabric and Knit Fabric

By | August 18, 2016

Difference between Woven Fabric and Knit Fabric 

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Woven Fabric:

The surface of woven fabric is usually hard and not stretch. Formation of woven fabrics are two sets of yarns. Those yarns are known as warp yarn and weft yarn. Basically, this set of warp and weft yarns interlacement are known woven fabric. Woven fabrics are made by manual and automatic machine. Hand loom is used for manual and power loom is used for automatic purposes. The modern automatic loom is air jet loom, water jet looms etc.

Woven Fabric

Knit Fabric:

The surface of knit fabric is soft and stretchy. Single yarn is an intermeshing and created a loop in the fabric. This is the main formula of knit fabric formation. Knit fabrics have good hand feeling and comfortable for human body. Circular knitting machine and flat knitting machine are the most common for the knit fabric manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of knit fabric is easier than woven fabric. Therefore, knit fabric manufacturing cost is cheaper than woven fabric.

Knit Fabric

Difference between Woven Fabric and Knit Fabric:

The difference between woven fabric and knit fabric are given below-

Woven Fabric
Knit Fabric
Woven fabrics are warp and weft
yarn interlacement.
Here, single yarn is interlacement.
Fabric Selvage
Woven fabric have selvage.
Knit fabric have no selvage.
Warp and weft used to make the
Single yarn used, this method
were avoided the warp and weft.
Easy to sewing
Generally have more stretch
Length Wise
Length wise called GRAIN
Length wise called RIBS
Flow Chart
Cone winding
sectional or direct warping
Cone winding
place the cone in creel
set the m/c as per design
Withdraw the roll.

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