Knitting Technology with Flow Chart

By | August 30, 2016

Knitting Technology with Flow Chart 

Md. Mezanur Rahman
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Knit Fabric:

The fabric is produced by making a loop by needle this is called knit fabric. This is produced by Interlooping or Intralooping process. Knit fabric is produced by a knitting machine using different type of cam design (Such as Knit Cam, Tuck Cam, Miss Cam). This is a continuous process for making knit fabric. Knit fabrics have different features such as good comfort ability, good texture, wrinkle, bulky effect, good elasticity, easy to sew and wear. There is also low wastage rate in knit fabric than woven fabric. Knit fabric has good porosity of air & water.

Knit Fabric Manufacturing Process with Flow Chart:

Knit fabric is produced by different step. At first we should collect yarn from spinning, which is made by following a process such as blow room, carding, pre-comber drawing, super lap former, combing, drawing, simplex, ring frame. Then this Ring is converting into winding cone by ring bobbin and creeling in the knitting section. Then this yarn is knitted by looping process to make knit fabric. I mention the easiest flow chart of knit fabric manufacturing in below.

Flow Chart of Knit Fabric Manufacturing Process

Knitting Machine

I think it is the best and an easiest flow chart of knit fabric manufacturing. There is some additional process for knit fabric manufacturing such as seeding, brush, wash, AOP. But it depends on buyer requirement and manufacturing process.

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