Job Responsibilities of a Trainee Merchandiser

By | December 14, 2015

Job Responsibilities of a Trainee Merchandiser

Saravana Kumar
B. Sc. in Textile Engineering
Junior merchandiser
RK industry, Chennai.


Junior Merchandiser:

Junior merchandising position is an initial position in the garment industry. But it remains true that this position contains a lot of responsibilities in an apparel industry. It’s so hard for a junior merchandiser to maintain all the responsibilities at initial stage. To become a successful junior merchandiser you have to learn how to maintain job responsibilities of a junior merchandiser. Today I would like to discuss my practical job responsibilities in RK industry, which is located in Chennai, India. Hope you will get a clear idea about the job responsibilities of a junior merchandiser.

Job Responsibilities:

The job responsibilities of junior merchandiser are given below

1. The merchandiser receive the new development order sheet from the buyer for the next season while the current season bulks go on.

2. Junior merchandiser has to check the new development order sheet or artwork if any new style came, they have to send fit sample with available fabric for woven or knitted.

3. After confirming the style, quantity and designation of each styles.

4. We have to order fabrics and trims if buyer nominated any supplier for fabric and trims we have to order from them, if not we go to a local supplier and sent it to for approval.

Junior Merchandiser

5. In meanwhile we have to chase the pattern master and supplier for pattern and fabric.

6. In meantime, we have to communicate with buyer about status and queries about that.

7. At the same we commit some mistake or ask doubts about the samples to our senior merchandiser. They will guide as in the correct way.

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8. After receiving the fabric from supplier if it woven and that to any garments wash (i.e. stone wash and acid wash and so on.)

9. If it woven we have stitched sleeve and wash it according to the buyer standard. If it knitted we have send the prints and embroidery strike-off to start garment production.

10. Sometime we have to sent approval to buyer place, but sometimes buyer visit our factory in any one season they may approve in our factory itself.

11. In meantime, we start stitching a garment when we get approval for wash and embroidery standard from a buyer we proceed that.

12. After send the development samples to buyer required designation with correct delivery date.

13. After sending the sample only buyer book the bulk order as per that production meeting to be held from various departments in the factory what are various ways to simply and make production with quality.

14. Finally, offering for the AQL with the nominated source. Once, the order is in the acceptable level pass. We will move the cargo as per the agreed date to the port.

15. Wondering for the next assignment from the merchant.

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