How to Follow Up Garments Order

By | November 4, 2016

How to Follow Up Garments Order

Sanjeev Tiwari Sonu
Merchant at TCNS ltd Noida
B-tech from U.P.T.U. University,
Lucknow, UP, India.


Garments Follow Up:

Export order follow up in apparel industries in key role for order execution. As we know that once an order is confirmed we have a time limit for order execution. When we executed order in time limit as time provided by the buyer then we have become a good exporter for buyer and faith of buyer over exporter is increased as he told to buying house please placed order to this exporter his execution time good for us.

Importance and Necessity of Garments Follow Up:

Once order shipped on time we have created a long term relationship with the buyer. This relationship has an advantage and we created faith over buyer, thus buyer given more order due to the cause of this we have a drawback in apparel industries. As this is also creating a faith of yarns, trims and accessories suppliers as these all suppliers have faith over exporter to he has a good order, thus his payment term is good so they have entrusted to supply these all. Buying house also has faith over exporter and if any new buyer approaches for an order to buying a house, then buying house without any doubt place order or given sampling program or designer pack to exporter to please develop this for my new buyer. So this is the benefit for export order follow up and execution.

Order Follow up by Merchandisers

Order Follow Up System in Garments:

Once an order is confirmed we start analyzing the sample and as per sample, we have given a T&A to buyer. This T&A have a time limit for order confirmation till order execution. Just like for example if we have basic style, then we generated a time limit for lab dip submission, fit submission, size set submission, pre-production sample submission, lab dip approvals, yarn submission date after lab dip approval, trims date submission, accessories date submission, knitting start to end date, CMT starts to end date, finishing start to end date, packing starts to end date.

Order Follow up by Buyers

For these, all we have an internal pre-production meeting (PPM) with production, merchandising and quality team to ensure that order executed on time with best quality. In this all merchandising departments follow up will be key.

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