Flow Chart of Garments Manufacturing

By | January 27, 2016

Flow Chart of Garments Manufacturing

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Garments Manufacturing:

The manufacturing process of garment product, especially ready-made garments (RMG) sector is now versatile process both manual and technical points of views. Now the manufacturing process of garments are changed according to the design, order quantity and buyer requirement. Major manufacturing order from the buyer are woven and knitted product, but now a days non-woven products are also added for manufacturing process of garments. For the importance of the manufacturing process, I would like to show the general flow chart for a common garment order.

Garments Manufacturing Flow Chart:

The garments manufacturing process is the largest process for finished product where must be maintained few step or technology for execution the order up to shipment. The total process of garments is done by four sections of garments. They are as follows-

  1. Sample Section
  2. Cutting Section
  3. Sewing Section
  4. Finishing Section

    Sewing Section of Garments

 Here, the general flow chart for a common garments order manufacturing is given below

Order Confirm

Pattern Making

1st  Sample Making

Sample Fabric and Accessories Order

Pattern Making with Buyer Comments

Counter Sample Make

Bulk Fabric and Accessories Order

Final Pattern Making

Pattern Grading

Marker Making

Full Fabric and Accessories Receive

Fabric Lying





In Line Inspection

Finishing Room Checking / Inspection

Measurement Checking




Final Inspection



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