Export and Import Documents in Apparel Industry

By | January 24, 2017

Export and Import Documents in Apparel Industry 

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology
Email: raju.uttara105@gmail.com


Export and Import Order Documents:

Price quotation Documents are an essential issue in apparel manufacturing process. There are different types of process to prepare a price quotation for buyers. Before price quotation process, we need few important documents. Those documents are also required for export and import process. Now I would like to talk about the necessary documents for garments export, import and also the preparation of price quotation.

Necessary Documents for Garments Export and Import:

The necessity of garments export and import of are as follows-

Import Documents:

In order to release imported goods from the port, the following documents are necessary for execution a garments order process. They are as follows-

  • Bill of entry
  • Copy of bill of lading (BL)
  • Copy of invoice.
  • Letter of credit authorization(LCA)
  • Packing list
  • Certificate of origin(CO)
  • UD/UP(Utilization Declaration/ Utilization Permission)
  • Copy of master L/C
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Proforma invoice
  • Copy of insurance cover note
  • PSI(Pre-shipment inspection)S
  • Any other documents.

    Commercial Invoice

    Commercial Invoice

Export Documents:

According to the import documents, we need to export documents also for execution a garments order. An exporter should have to submit the following documents to the customs authority-

  • Shipping bill of entry.
  • Export L/C
  • UD (Utilization Declaration)
  • Packing list
  • Insurance
  • VBF-QA Form to be supplied by the C & F AGENT
  • Export permission form (EXP)

How to Prepare a Price Quotation for Buyers:

There are three processes for fixation of export prices in garments which are as below-

1. FOB (Free on board):

FOB is the short form of Free on Board. FOB is the value of the product which is claimed or fixed without the cost of transportation of eh goods.

2. C&F value (Cost &Freight):

C and F are denoted by Cost and Freight. It is the value of the product which is claimed or fixed including the cost of transportation of the goods.

FOB (Cost) +Freight=C&F

3. CIF (Cost, insurance & freight):

CIF means the cost, insurance, and freight. It is the value of the product which is claimed or fixed including the cost of transportation and insurance.

C&F + Insurance=CIF

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