10 Tips for Knit Garment Costing

By | January 16, 2017

10 Tips for Knit Garment Costing

Sanjeev Tiwari Sonu
Merchant at TCNS ltd Noida
B-tech from U.P.T.U. University
Lucknow, UP, India.
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Garments Costing:

Garment costing is playing very vital role in the garment industry. A key factor in the garment industry is when once sample got selected by the buyer they need a price of garment from the supplier. They need workable price from the supplier. Today I would like to discuss about knitting garment costing on behalf of my job experience in this sector.

Knit Garment Costing:

Knitting knowledge have must required for knit garment costing because in knitting how machine perform once knitting is start. We know that machine performance and speed is depending on garment knit structure. If structure is complicated then machine will take more time in knitting and if structure is flexible then knitting time will be less.

When we start costing of a knits garment below basic thing need to included-

  1. Garment net weight
  2. Garment gross weight
  3. Yarn price
  4. Garment knitting time
  5. CMT cost
  6. Trims cost
  7. Accessories cost
  8. Freight
  9. Overhead
  10. Profit

1. Garment Net Weight:

Garment net weight is required for actual weight of the garment. Here others weight does not include with the total weight such as yarn, thread, accessories its weight.

2. Garment Gross Weight:

Garment gross weight is required for how much wastage have on this garment because according to gross weight we place the yarn order. In gross weight we multiply by yarn rate.

3. Yarn Price:

For placing the yarn order, we must have knowledge about the yarn price in market because different yarns have different properties. According to requirement of buyer we quoted the cost of yarns like cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, Fancy yarn, blended yarn, cotton melange yarn, cashmere yarn, acre wool yarn, etc. Time to time yarn rate has been changed so also must have knowledge of the current rate of yarn in the market.

4. Garment Knitting Time:

Garment knitting time is also required in costing because without knitting time we don’t calculate the knitting rate of garment. For knitting time each and every part of garment like front panel, back panel, sleeve, trims, placket etc. have a time period to complete the knitting on machine.

5. CMT Cost:

CMT is must be required in costing this is known as cut makes and trimming. Cutting charge, making the charge and trimming charge included in this part of costing also labor cost. Under CMT cost embroidery, printing, washing, pressing each process of garment manufacturing is included in CMT cost.

6. Trim Cost:

Trim cost each and every buyer have own trims and label. As per price of the label and trims we added this is in costing.

7. Accessories Cost:

Accessories cost is a very important part for garments costing process. Without fabric, other parts of garments are known as accessories. Accessories like some extra work and embellishment on garment adds to accessories cost.

Garments Accessories

8. Freight:

Freight is related to transportation cost of goods and samples. Once goods are ready then for dispathchment of good transporter charge will be applied.

9. Overhead:

Overhead it is most required in costing because a staff member of office and other cost of an organization like electricity, water, rent, worker salary all miscellaneous charges will be applied under this.

10. Profit:

Finally, we apply profit because each and every organization needs profit. Entrepreneurship is not possible without profit. The organization is also business for people. Each and every human being need growth in life also need to spread business all over the world so for better performance and spreading business profit is applied.

Profit and Loss


Above all things have common in costing for knit garment. We must apply all these things in costing in any knitted garment like knitted T-shirt, knitted trouser, Knitted shirt, knitted sweater, knitted jacket, knitted dress, knitted blazer etc. If a person has knowledge about above thing they always quoted a better costing.

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