Different Parts of Jeans Pant

By | June 12, 2016

Different Parts of Jeans Pant

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Jeans Pant or Denim Pant:

The jeans pants are one kind of offshoots trousers. These pants are becoming very popular with the new generation people. Jeans pants are popular with both men and women and of later the elderly people also do not lag behind in using the jeans. The structure of jeans pants is almost similar with the common trousers, but the main difference between trousers and jeans are fabric. Generally the heavier cotton fabric used for jeans fabric and on the other side light cotton fabric used for trousers fabric. Jeans are some specific style variation such as, heavy stitches with heavy threads, double chain stitches, patch pockets on the hip with decorative stitches, a small coin or watch pocket inside the right side pocket, button, fly, rivets etc.

Different Parts of Jeans Pant:

Basic jeans include the following major parts.

  1. Right front pocket
  2. Coin pocket
  3. Left front pocket
  4. Left back with one hip pocket
  5. Right back with one hip pocket
  6. Waist band with belt loops
  7. Back Yoke
  8. Button
  9. Fly
  10. Rivets

Generally jeans pants are made of different cotton or indigo fabric. Normally pants has 5 pockets, 12 rivets, durable and contrast, joining, six or seven belt loops and a heavy zip or button fly which uses front part of the pant. Initially jeans pants had four pockets which have two front pockets and two back pockets, but after middle century, watch pocket or coin pocket is added. This pocket is also known as frontier pocket, condom pocket, coin pocket, match pocket, ticket pocket, etc.

Front side of jeans pant

Front side of jeans pant

Back side of jeans pant

Back side of jeans pant

Rivets are important parts of jeans pant. It’s mainly used for the stress points on jeans pants pocket corners, but now a days rivets is also used for decorative purpose and style.

The basic difference between jeans pant and normal pant is fabric, heavy stitching process, need washing for smoothness and outlook, rivets, button, zipper etc. Therefore jeans pant is quite different than normal pant. For this difference and manufacturing process jeans pants is more popular than normal garments pants or trousers.

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