Top 10 Apparel Trims and Accessories

By | September 22, 2016

Top 10 Apparel Trims and Accessories

Sabyasachi Banerjea  
Head of Quality In charge
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Lucknow, India.


Garment Accessories:

Accessories mean items need to complete a garment. Without accessories we can’t image, an idea usable garment. Therefore, accessories are very important for manufacturing process of garments. There are different types of accessories used in apparel industry such as thread, zipper, interlining, buttons, label, pocketing fabric, elastic, etc. Now I would like to share my knowledge about garment accessories with you. Hope so, you will get a general idea about different types of garment accessories those are used in the apparel industry.

List of Common Garments Accessories:

Different type of garment accessories used in the apparel industry. Those are as given below-

  1. Thread
  2. Zipper
  3. Interlining
  4. Buttons
  5. Label
  6. Pocketing fabric
  7. Elastic
  8. Ribbon
  9. Rivet
  10. Collar bone

 1. Thread:

The physical appearance and quality of seam is directly related to sewing thread. It is one of the main elements to production garment. Sewing thread play an important factor to join two parts of fabric.

Sewing Thread

2. Zipper:

The zipper is another common accessory in the apparel industry. The zipper is mainly used for opening and closing two parts of the fabric, but it’s also used for fashionable items. Generally zipper contains two parts of interlocking teeth, which called a chain, fabric tape, slider, etc.

Different types of Garments Zipper

3. Interlining:

Interlining is a layer of fabric with polyethylene dots fused between the face and the lining of a garment (formal shirts etc.), drapery, or quilt. It is similar to batting, a thick layer of fiber designed to provide insulation, body to quilts, pillow toppers, and heavy winter jackets.

4. Buttons:

Button is a small disc or knob sewn onto a garment, either to fasten it from being pushed through a slit/ hole made for the purpose or for decoration.

Common Garments Buttons

5. Labels:

The label is a short piece of fabric which contain little information such as garment size, wash, care, price, composition, etc. There are different types of label used in garments like as main label, size Label, wash care label, care label, price label, etc.

6. Pocketing Fabric:

A shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch used vis a vis for carrying small articles. For pocketing, cotton fabric is mostly used in garments.

7. Elastic:

Able to regain its normal shape spontaneously after being stretched or compressed. Elastic is normally used at waist sides of the garments.

Garments Elastic


A long, narrow strip of fabric, used for tying something or for giving an aesthetic look.

9. Rivet:

The uses of ribbon are mostly seen at jeans pant and heavy garments. Ribbon is a small metal bolt which is used two parts of tension place in garments.

10. Collar bone:

 Used for balancing of collars especially formal shirts at the edges. Mostly plastic material are used inner side of collar.

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