How to Organize a Fashion Show

By | July 27, 2016

How to Organize a Fashion Show 

Sanjana Malhotra
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Fashion Show:

Fashion Show is an event in which the fashion designers put on their collections to forecast new trends, colors, silhouette and style which are appearing on the upcoming season as in Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The two most influential fashion weeks are held in Paris Fashion and New York Fashion Week, which are both semiannual events.

7 Fashion Show Tips for beginners:

Here, I am try to describe planning a fashion show event with few easy steps. Hope you will get a strong information about successful fashion show.

  1. For a successful fashion show 1st offal you should have a clear vision that you have to organize a fashion show and have sufficient investment if not find out sponsors for it.
  2. Decide a place to host your fashion show. Find out if buy a license to play music at your event.
  3. Hire models and makeup artist for the fashion show.

    Models and makeup artist for the fashion show

  4. Advertise and invite people for your fashion show. Setup the stage and sitting area for the fashion show lighting on stage should be proper, lighting at the backstage and the makeup area.
  5. Should have a very strong coordinated team for the back staging and front area and helper for the models so that the can help them in wearing the garments.
  6. The show must begin on time and invited people should be settled and comfortable and be gratingly settled.
  7. The show begin and wow it’s successful!!!!!!

Speech from the writer:

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