Application of CAD/CAM Software in Apparel Industry

By | March 20, 2017

Application of CAD/CAM Software in Apparel Industry

Reeha Ismail Sayyad
Asst. Editor
Textile Merchandising
Assistant Professor
Kolhapur, India.



CAD/CAM is computer aided designing and computer aided manufacturing is the best solution for textile manufacturers. CAD in the fashion industry is used typically to assist in the design process. CAD allows the design to be even more detailed and making it easier to be ensuring that designs are flowing together in one collection. Introduction to CAD/CAM through the adoption of modern designs and color combinations is making the textile designs (fabric) more attractive and competitive to meet the rapidly changing mood of the consumer for fashionable designs both nationally and internationally.

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) in Textile:

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) is virtually a “no limit” solution for fashion and textile designers. Last decade, fashion industry witnessed not only a tremendous modernization in technology but also an adoption of information technology and computer science in a massive scale. To unleash the creativity of the fashion and textile designers, computer aided design technology is being used more and more in fashion and textile industry (power loom and handloom).This not only enhances designing possibility but also increases productivity by eliminating the manual and thus time-consuming process of designing.

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) in Textile

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) in Textile

Advantages of CAD/ CAM Software:

In today’s competitive world these two tools that are CAD &CAM have to be adopted not only by the fashion designers but the textile designers as well in order to increase productivity as well as to overcome the monotony in designs. CAD/CAM technology can enrich the innovations in the field of textile designing and manufacturing. In the textile manufacturing field, almost every composite textile mill has adopted CAD/CAM software for the smooth manufacturing process. This software’s with its plethora of tools and utilities unleash the creativity of the designs. The software produces all the required outputs within a few seconds to allow the craftsman to weave exquisite pieces. CAD/CAM helps to create technical drawings easily and accurately and provide clear guidelines for the pattern development process. The fashion designer and the pattern technologist will have a clear idea about designs to fit into a variety of fabrics and fashionable patterns.

The function of CAD/CAM Software:

FASHION CAD’S innovative approach to pattern making ensures that you can create patterns for your own unique designs that will fit your shape or each of your individual customer’s size and shape. CAD’s approach to grading is to “re-think” in computer terms. Patterns are created to exact measurements and adjacent pattern curves can be forced to be the same length ensuring patterns make up with no puckering and designer will end up with a quality, professional looking designer garment. Fully featured CAD tools enabling designers to create or modify patterns to their unique requirements. Excellent for all pattern making needs fabrics and patterns like casual, bridal, evening, tailored suits, baby clothes, lingerie, swimwear even home furnishing and accessories. CAD/CAM provides 200 basic pattern blocks of different sizes, which designers can use as a starting point to create their own innovations and set up their own design collection.

Work with advanced CAD/CAM software

Work with advance CAD/CAM software

Features of CAD and CAM:

  1. More than 200 tools and utilities.
  2. Sophisticated editing tools.
  3. Any size of design creation.
  4. Retains all technical details respectively.
  5. Color palate customization (No limitation for color)
  6. Yarn layout specification (Warp and weft yarn specification)
  7. Exact alignment.
  8. Fabric simulation.
  9. No outline gap
  10. Halftone effect.
  11. Design card punching output facility (Sari Manufacturing)
  12. Editing any existing weave. (Dobby, Jacquard, Handloom and Power loom.)

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