The Classification of Medical Textile

By | October 12, 2015

The Classification of Medical Textile 

Suprovath Kumar Sarker
Research Fellow
Institute for Developing Science & Health


Medical textiles:

Medical textiles are most essential and growing part of technical textile which is also known as healthcare textile. The demand of medical textiles is increasing day by day due to the various applications of health sector. These bio-medical textiles are very sensitive part of human health. Therefore, maintain the quality of medical textile accurately. Major applications of technical textiles are hygienic, medical and health care sector. In this article I try to discuss about the classification of medial textile.

Classification of medical textile:

Medical textile are classified as follows-

Medical Textile

1. Non-plantable medical textile: Use as wound dressing, plaster, bandage, gauge etc.

2. Implantable medical textile: Use as suture, artificial ligament, artificial joint etc.

3. Extracorporeal device: Use as artificial kidney, artificial liver, artificial lungs etc.

4. Health care and hygiene product: Use as bedding and pillow cover in hospital, surgical gown, surgical musk, gloves etc.

Fibers used in medical textile:

Fibers used in medical textile may be classified as follows- 

According to source of origin:

1. Natural fibers: Use as cotton, silk, etc.

2. Synthetic fibers: Uses as polyester, polyurethane, viscose, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, PTFE, carbon, glass, etc.

According to biological structure:

1. Bio-degradable textile:

fibers which are absorbed by the body within 2-3 month after implantation are called bio-degradable medical textile. These are- cotton, viscose, polyamide, polyurethane, collagen, alginate, polypropiolacton.

2. Non-bio degradable medical textile:

Fibers that are absorbed by the body slowly and take more than 6 month time to degrade are called non-bio degradable medical textile. Non-bio degradable medical textiles are polypropylene, PTFE and carbon.

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