Special Chemical Used in Garments Dyeing

By | October 9, 2015

Special Chemical Used in Garments Dyeing

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There are many accessories used in garments such as zipper, button, elastic, motif, level, etc. These accessories may be damaged or partially damaged during garments dyeing which is not accepted. To save these accessories from being damaged some special chemical is used during garments dyeing. These chemicals are used in different stages of dyeing.

Special Chemical Used in Garments Dyeing:

There are different type of special chemicals are in Garments Dyeing process. Today, I would like to discuss about the special chemical used in garments dyeing. The application of different chemicals are described below-

Special Chemical Used in Garments Dyeing

1. Desizing agent:

Bacterial alpha amylase base desizing is better in sizing step. Because the stability of enzyme activity is not affected bactasol,  biolase are such type of desizing agent.

2. Wetting agent:

Desizing is very important for garments dyeing process. Main purpose of desizing is to remove sizes materials from garments.  Non-ionic wetting agent improves the desizing effect than other wetting agent.

3. Scouring and Bleaching agent:

There are oil, wax, rceding, pectose and mineral impurities in cotton fiber. There should be removed during scouring and bleaching process. If there removed impuritic, from insoluble campound, may again be re-deposited on fiber surface which may cause spot on fabric. To avoid such problems sandopan LFN or sirrix AK liquid may be used.

4. For Saving Al:

In garments Al is used as zipper and button accessories. Present of Aluminum may be damaged by the action of alkali during process, sandoclear 8160 or sandopan SF liquor may be used for overcoming the problem.

5. For Blended fabric:

Now-a-days blended fabric is mostly used for garments fabric manufacturing process. If cotton and nylon blended fabrics used, then Lanalbin PA powder is used to save nylon fabric during scouring and bleaching steps.

6. For Crease Formation:

The formation of crease is common problem in garments dyeing. To avoid crease formation on fabric imacol is used as lubricant in the dyeing bath.

7. For Irregular Dyeing:

Irregular dyeing may occur in cuff, pocket area during garments dyeing process. Here Drimagen E2R of Clarinet Company may be used to minimize the problem.

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