Precautions before Garments Dyeing

By | October 7, 2015

Precautions before Garments Dyeing 

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ)



The precaution of garments dyeing process is very important parts. The garment dyeing is needed more precaution than fabric dyeing. In garments dyeing interlining should be selected very carefully so that its performance is not destroyed in the dyeing process. Sewing threads and garments should be made from the same fiber. Elastic should be such that it is not damaged in the dyeing process. If the garments contain any metal component, then it should be made of nickel or nickel alloy, etc.

Precautions before Garments Dyeing:

Earlier than garments dyeing few precautions are needed to keep away from dyeing problems. The precaution before garments dyeing are given bellow-

Garments Dyeing

1. Grey Fabric: The grey fabric used for garments should be made from of same lot and the same source.

2. Seam Line: Seam line in garments should not be too tight or too lose. This may create problem in dyeing penetration.

3. Shrinkage: In the garment is made of both woven and knit fabric, then the knit fabric should be pre-shirked to avoid seam puckering problem.

4. Take-up%: If the garment is made from blended fiber, then dye should be selected carefully so that the whole garments take-up some amount of dyes.

5. Metal Component: If the garments contain any metal component, then it should be made of nickel and nickel alloy. Any poor metal component like Al may be destroyed in the dyeing process due to the action of temperature and alkali.

6. Sewing Thread: Sewing thread used in the garments should be made of some fabric of garments fabric.

7. Button: The Button should be selected in case of garments dyeing. Nylon and rubber type button may be destroyed in the dyeing process. Polyester button is better in the regard.

8. Crease: Crease problem is a very common problem in case of cotton. To avoid this problem during garments dyeing anti creasing agent like ‘imacol brand’ is used here.

9. Reactive Dye: Compactly woven fabric should be dyed by the hot band reactive dyes. Cold band dye is not suitable for garments dyeing process.

10. Elastic: In case of elastic such as waist band, it should be polyester type. Rubber or polyurethane type elastic may be damaged by the action of temperature and chemical.

11. Interlining: Only recommended interlining should be used which garments dyeing is applied.

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