How to Improve Garments Productivity

By | October 9, 2015

How to Improve Garments Productivity

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology



The ratio between actual output and total import is known as the productivity. In an industrial view, it is the financial evaluation of the output and input of production. By the help of productivity, a garments factory or textile industry can easily measure different types of efficiency such as worker, system, factory, machine, etc.

Productivity is express as follows-

Productivity =    Input / Output

How to Improve Productivity:

There are different ways or steps to improve productivity. But the proper analysis of input product and output product is the main formula to improve productivity in an industry. Here, I mention three ways to improve productivity.

Improve Productivity

Higher productivity can be improved by-

  1. Increasing output by keeping the input same.
  2. Reducing the amount of input by keeping same output.
  3. Increasing the output by reducing the input.

Factors to be Considered for Higher Productivity:

  • Design innovation.
  • Standardizing the design.
  • Development of employee.
  • The arrangement of training.
  • Investing in a better plant.
  • Improving the planning of work.
  • Efficient worker selection.
  • Improving the method of production.
  • Improving morale.
  • Rewarding success.
  • Improving attendance level.
  • Reducing labor turn over.
  • Effective communication.
  • Measuring performance.

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