Job Responsibilities of Knit Merchandising

By | August 25, 2016

Job Responsibilities of Knit Merchandising

Md. Mezanur Rahman
Birds A & Z Ltd.


Knit Merchandising:

Knit merchandising means an activity of selling and promoting the goods. These activities are done by a merchandiser. That’s why we can say that merchandiser is one who execute all related tasks about price negotiation, order confirmation, fabric follow up, order execution and on time shipment by interacting with buyer and the knit garments manufacturer company. Now I am trying to give a clear concept about this topic.

Knit Merchandising Tasks:

Before knit merchandising we should understand a general merchandising process in an ideal apparel industry. The general process of merchandising is as follows-

We can divided into two step of all Knit merchandising job responsibilities. A merchandiser must have those below knowledge for execution the total merchandising tasks. They are-

  1. Such as Follow up
  2. Order Execution.

1. Such as Follow Up:

Follow up means yarn booking, fabric booking, Lab dip development and approval,  accessories booking, knitting follow up, dyeing and finishing follow up.

2. Order Execution:

Order execution means pattern making, print and embroidery, development, various type of sample development and comments, production cutting, print and embroidery, sewing, finishing, shipment.

That’s all above process is merchandising task.

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