Factor Consider for Procurement an Export Order

By | October 5, 2015

 Factor Consider for Procurement an Export Order

Noor Ahmed Raaz
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The most difficult task of a merchandiser is procurement of an export order. In the process of export order, generally a merchandiser is to collect an order, produce, shipment and finally he/she earns profit. To carry out these roles effectively needs a lot of information about textile knowledge, experience and connection skill. This article is going to explain about the key factors which have to consider for procurement an export order.

Factors consider for procurement an export order are as bellow:

  1. Buyer Satisfaction
  2. Quality Issue
  3. Finical Strength
  4. Market Reputation
  5. Timely Shipment
  6. Co-operation
  7. Professional Relationship

    Procurement of an Export Order

1. Buyer Satisfaction:

The first task is to make the buyer satisfied to get an export order. But human nature is not to be satisfied. So it is really very tough to satisfy them. The main task is to make the costing of an export order most economical. As garments trade is now very competitive. So, with the illogical costing it is impossible to get the export order.

2. Quality Issue:

The next factor is quality issue which is another important factor for an export order. For an export order quality is the first priority. Therefore, 100% quality control before an export order shipment is essential. No importer will place any order with poor quality of garments, though cost in cheap.

3. Finical Strength:

Third is the financial strength of an industry. The buyer always searches financially strong manufacturer. Because, initially manufacturer has to continue the production process with their own investment. Therefore, finical strength is the important strength factor for procurement of an export order.

4. Market Reputation:

Forth is the market reputation of the company or manufacturer. Any buyer will not be interested to place an order to the company whose reputation is not good. A good reputation can help to achieve an export order easily. This reputation depends on company well compliance and proper management.

5. Timely Shipment:

Timely shipment is the fifth factor for an export order. Shipment capacity in time plays a vital role for getting an order. Here merchandiser has to take all the responsibilities for timely shipment. Generally a merchandiser does the timely shipment with the help of time and action plan (TNA).

6. Co-operation:

The next factor of an export order is the Co-operation activity to buyer. If the merchandiser be a co-operated person for buyer’s work, then buyer will be interested to place the order to that factory. A good merchandiser should have a co-operative mind with buyer and manufacturer.

7. Professional relationship:

The last factor of an export order is professional relationship. This is the relation between merchandiser and buyer. If there is a better relationship between them then it will be somewhat easy to procure an export order than other merchandiser. Like other industrial sector this relationship is also important in garments sector.

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