Career and Future of Textile Merchandiser

By | December 13, 2015

Career and Future of Textile Merchandiser 

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd (AEPZ)



I think, at first we should know about merchandiser before building your career as a textile merchandiser in Bangladesh. Merchandiser is one who the intermediate between the buyer and the factory. He/she is fully responsible for the order and delivery date and also responsible for order confirmation and price negotiation. Hence merchandiser is the heart of the garment unit. Because, merchandiser knows all nook and corner from sample to shipment. Meanwhile a merchandiser wants to approve fabric, print, embroidery and so on. Also he/she offer inspection and timely shipment to the buyer with required standard. Now take a look about the career and future of textile merchandiser in Bangladesh.


Textile merchandising is one of those careers you always hear about but never actually know what textile merchandiser is and it works. I think that is because of it is an extremely wide field with many career paths, all of which are directly or indirectly related to textile industry or garment industry all over the world. In Bangladesh the textile industry one has a variety of options to choose as your career. Some examples of what textile merchandisers might do is export order processing, negotiation with buyer, retail buying, executive making, visual merchandising, management, sales and among other things. The major aim of a textile merchandiser must focus on order establishment and execution process up to shipment.

Above of all a good textile merchandiser should consider some factors for procuring an export order which are such as buyer satisfaction, quality issue, finical strength, market reputation, timely shipment, co-operation, professional relationship etc. So to become a good textile merchandiser you should prepare and clear knowledge about those factors. Some people says to become a good textile merchandiser you should be a textile engineer or other degrees about in this sector. Yes, those degrees will help in your future career because, if you are a textile graduate you have lots of career paths in this sector, but you must be a challenging and dynamic passion for establishing your career.


The textile industry is one of the wildest growing industry in Bangladesh. Textiles have been an extremely important part of Bangladesh’s economy for a very long time for a number of reasons. Bangladesh is the world’s second biggest exporter of clothing after China. Currently, the textile industry accounts for 65% of all industrial employment in the country and contributes 86% of the total national income. Many brand companies from other country decided to launch a factory in Bangladesh because of its infrastructure and government policies. Due to the textile development in Bangladesh the job opportunities are increasing. Due to the high growth in textile field in Bangladesh, the job opportunities and career of merchandiser is also so high.

A Textile Merchandiser

On the other hands, according to your experience you will get highly paid jobs which are also available in the textile industry. Here given some most eye-catching and healthy paid jobs are given, such as foreign buying house merchandiser, fashion designing, Product development and sampling, marketing and sourcing, garments buying, garments production, industrial engineer, production planning, testing lab technician, quality control section, garments technician, buying consultants, CAD specialist etc. Due to above reasons and invasion of many company from other countries, the job future of the textile merchandiser is very high in Bangladesh.


Above all this discussion and with my professional experience I would like to say that, textile merchandising job is not an occupation for the faint of heart. Now-a-days textile merchandising job is extremely competitive in Bangladesh and this is a very challenging profession, but it can also be very rewarding both in positions of how exciting it can be and financially. So you should be a dynamic person and also proper knowledge about all sections of textile sector. Last of all best wishes who want to be a good textile merchandiser in the future. For further information about career planning, you can give your comments below the comment box.

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