How to Maintain Time & Action Plan (TNA) in Apparel Industry

By | September 16, 2015

How to Maintain Time & Action Plan (TNA) in Apparel Industry

Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering (CU)
Specialized in Apparel Manufacturing
Lecturer, Department of Textile Engineering
Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


Time and Action Plan (TNA):

The critical path or TNA is a proper collaboration of Time and action. In a Textile industry, to execute an export order, need to regular evaluation of production activates with the help of times. This regular evaluation is called Critical Path Method or Time and action plan or calendar. This is also known as TNA. By this evaluation, a merchandiser can easily know the present situation of the order. In the case of export order, we all know that, buyer mention lead time with order sheet. According to this lead time, a merchandiser make Critical path. This method helps to make sure an order delivery within lead time.

Combination of Time And Action for an Export Order in Garments:

An apparel industry has lots of work to do such as order analysis, costing, fabric and accessories booking, sampling, finishing etc. For proper execution this task, need a scheduling plan. Actually, Time and action (TNA) or critical path is sum of plan schedules. This Plan scheduled is expressed with a sheet format which is well known as time and action calendar. For execution an order requires two type of plan in the apparel industry. There are

  1. Long term plan ( Ex. Sewing)
  2. Short term plan (Ex. Costing)

Basic Time Required for an Order

For more understanding here use an order main activities diagram with the help of required time. Here, need more time for sewing then costing an export order.

According to require time, diagram is given bellow:

Sample of Critical Path or TNA:

Generally TNA or Critical path method sheet has two main Columns. To make this sheet, need one action or activities and another is duration or plane dates column. TNA sheet is very important for a merchandiser because of this sheet, easily making daily or weekly working tasks. Now I would like to discuss a time and action plan or critical path calendar with the help of a buyer’s view. In the below discussed the Critical path calendar to perform an order within the to-do list.

Time and Action Plan (TNA)

Suppose Here,
Lead time Is 120 days
Quantity of order 65,000 pcs
Manufacturing Quality is high

Necessity of TNA in Apparel Industry:

  1. It helps a smart merchandiser to make out the critical tasks in an industry.
  2. It is an essential element for a smooth shipment order.
  3. It is essential for timely shipment an export order
  4. It helps proper the execution process of export order.
  5. It provides the idea about the position of running order.
  6. It helps to optimize the factory inventory.
  7. It gives the apparent plan about the Export order.
  8. It is useful to know the status of the order processing at different level in the apparel industry.
  9. It enhances the factory inventory management.
  10. It improves efficiency due to proper time schedule.
  11. It enhances productivity as a result, also improve a company profits.

Above all discuss, we can easily say that, Critical path method or TNA is playing an important role in the apparel industry. A Smart merchandiser should proper knowledge about details process of TNA. It is so easy to ship the goods on schedule if, a merchandiser tracks TNA correctly. A successful TNA can make on time shipment, which enhance a company’s reputation to the buyer.

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