Career and Future of a Knit Merchandiser

By | August 26, 2016

Career and Future of a Knit Merchandiser

Md. Mezanur Rahman
Birds A & Z Ltd.


Knit Merchandiser:

It is a very challenging profession of a knit merchandiser. Textile sector of Bangladesh is extremely wide field. Therefore, a knit merchandiser should have vast knowledge about the qualities and job responsibilities of merchandising work. That should be the passion of a merchandiser. The major aim of a Knit merchandiser should be order establishment & order execution. That’s why knit merchandiser should consider some issue such as buyer satisfaction, quality of goods, the reputation of his/her factory and also for himself or herself.

Career and Future of a Knit Merchandiser:

For better career a knit merchandiser should have the best capability, power of co-operation with buyer. Though knitting merchandising is very vast procedure so the knit merchandiser’s goal should be on time shipment. Otherwise, they can’t grow up with his/her career. A knit merchandiser must be hard working, quick learn ability, strong mentality, analytical skill, knowledge of R&D and must have the excellent communication Skill. It is really an excellent job.

Knit Fabric Selection before Sampling

Knit sector is very important part of a textile sector than woven sector. There are more on growing industry in Bangladesh. There is more scope of a knit merchandiser. So the job opportunities are increasing in textile sector. Bangladesh is the world’s second biggest exporter of knit and woven clothing after china. Textile industry contributes almost 80% of the total national income of our country. In those 80% of total income, 70-80% coin is earned by Knit merchandiser and 30-20 % coin is earned by weaving merchandiser. Also, we know that almost 40-45 Lac people are related to the textile industry. Merchandising job is one kind of top level job cause it’s salary range and other facilities is better than other job (such as industrial engineering, planning, quality). That’s why demand of a merchandising job is so high. So, we can say that career and the future of a Knit merchandiser is very well.

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  1. Shafiqul Islam

    Thanks for informative article.
    Could you please help me to know the salary range of a 10 years experienced (from both factory and foreign multinational buying house) circular knit merchandiser in Bangladesh.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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